Making a claim is easy with Marriott's Look No Further® Best Rate Guarantee. Just follow these instructions, fill out this form, and click "submit." For full details, please review the terms and conditions.

The Heathman Lodge rate and the "Comparison Rate" must be found, and a completed Claim Form submitted, within 48 hours and must be for the Heathman Lodge, room type and reservation dates.

The form indicates all the required information for your claim. You will need to provide Heathman Lodge at least one reservation booked through a Heathman Lodge Reservation Channel (our Reservations Center, The Heathman Lodge property, or an official Heathman Lodge Web site).

If you found a lower rate through a Heathman Lodge Reservations Channel, a travel agency, or a travel management company, you must reserve the second reservation before completing this form.

If you found your lower rate through a non-Heathman Lodge Internet site, you do not need to make a second reservation, but you will need to provide the Web address where you saw the lower rate.

The Heathman Lodge will contact you within 24 hours of submitting your claim.

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