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Find out what's happening at The Heathman Lodge as well as outside events here in Vancouver, WA with our calendar below.

December 2016
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Reindeer Village NW

Tis the season! Experience magical christmas lights and expansive settings at Reindeer Village NW

December 11, 2016
"Narnia" presented by Journey Theater Arts Group

Enjoy the C.S. lewis classic children's story adapted for the stage! Presented by Journey Theater Arts Group

December 11, 2016
"Parfumerie" Presented by Magenta Theater

Enjoy "Parfumerie" presented by the Magenta Theater in Downtown Vancouver.

December 17, 2016
Toruk: The First Flight - Inspired by James Cameron's Avatar

Cirque du Soleil presents Toruk: The First Flight. A new performance inspired by James Cameron's Avatar.

December 11, 2016