One of the Best Restaurants in Vancouver, WA

Local Pacific Northwest Cuisine at Hudson's Bar & Grill

Hudson's Bar & Grill serves up a dining experience unique to restaurants in Vancouver, WA - or anywhere else. Within the warm, inviting environment, executive Chef Ray Delgado creates Northwest seasonal comfort cuisine that’s out of this world. Creative dishes set off by local wines beckon, as do sinfully good desserts.

Our local ingredients are as fresh as the overall dining experience. Utilizing local Washington State produce—from morel mushrooms to seasonal berries, fresh seafood, and local beef, the Hudson’s menu appeals to many palates. Signature dishes include Columbia River King Salmon and our very own Northwest Seafood Stew (not to mention a bread pudding that’s beyond description). Our new world wine list enhances any meal with distinctive Northwest varietals from the multitude of area wineries.

Hudson’s décor is nearly as spectacular as the food crafted in our open kitchen concept. The immense Columbia River stone fireplace, native craftsmanship, and an enormous mural of local dining back in the 1800s create an atmosphere unique to Hudson’s, and symbolic of the region’s diverse character.

Join us daily from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM in our Fireside Lounge for Hudson's Hour specials — including a selection of inventive, tasty small plate snacks and intriguing drink specials.

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To make a reservation, please call 360-816-6100.