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The American Rhododendron Society holds at least two conventions each year. They are handled by different groups in different parts of the country and are rotated between different districts of the Interntional ARS. I have had the good fortune (or was it being railroaded) to have chaired many of these conventions since 1981. We are totally a voluntary group with no paid convention organizers. District 4 which I represent has the best reputation for doing great conventions of any of the districts and our conventions have always been a great success. Why, because we search until we find the very best venues for our convention.

Of all of the conventions I have been to or hosted, the very best hotel wise, was certainly the Heathman Lodge. Their staff is excellent and hotel itself is just superb. They worked with us exceptionally well to meet our rather low budget and still provided the very best food. We completely filled the hotel and had guest staying in the neighboring hotels. We maxed out their space for banquet attendance, yet they did a superb job, not missing anyone or anything.

I know of no complaints from anyone attending, instead there were compliments of all kinds. People are still talking about the convention, and in fact many people compared last year’s convention at the Heathman Lodge with this spring’s convention at a luxury hotel in the resort area of Ashville, NC. The Heathman Lodge came out by far the best.

Harold Greer, Past President, American Rhododendron Society