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Herman the Sloth!

Herman needs your help to get back to the front desk

Hi, my name is Herman!

If you return me to the front desk of The Heathman Lodge you can collect a special reward!

If I were to try to get there myself it would take me more than a week. I am the slowest moving creature on the planet and normally sleep up to 20 hours a day!

Herman can be found in a new location every day. Find our sloth friend and return Herman to the front desk for a reward

Learn About Sloths

Recently, The Heathman Lodge adopted a new family member, Herman the Sloth. Just like sloths in the wild you might find Herman hiding out in various locations all over the Lodge. He can be tough to find, just like wild sloths in their native habitat.

In the rainforests of Central and South America if you’re really lucky you’ll spot a sloth, but it will be very difficult. They live in trees and move very, very slowly. It’s even believed that they gained their name from the deadly sin in the Bible. However, being extremely slow is not usually dangerous for sloths as long as they stay in the tree canopy, as it makes sloths almost invisible to birds of prey flying overhead.

We’re excited that Herman has joined us at the Heathman Lodge. Every week he goes out exploring, and if you look carefully, you just might find him. If you do, bring him to the front desk for a prize!