One of the Most Historic Lodges in Washington State

Living History of The Pacific Northwest

Built in 1997, The Heathman Lodge spans hundreds of years of Pacific Northwest history. A history that comes to life within the Lodge, depicted in diverse elements of the Southwest Washington experience — skillfully recreated dugout canoes, skeletons of ancient kayaks and a rendition of local trade by Hudson’s Bay Company in 1825 — all this and more fill our interior spaces in one of the most historic lodges in Washington State, as well as one of the most renowned hotels in Vancouver, WA. 

You’ll even find a replica salute to the Jefferson Peace medal that marked Lewis and Clark explorations in 1803 (History buffs note: we’re not far from Lewis and Clark’s canoe routes, and the site of Portland’s 1905 L & C Exposition and World’s Fair.)

The Heathman Lodge itself embodies the geology and natural history of the Northwest. Massive peeled Douglas fir logs define the exterior portico and interior lobby, the distinctive entry guarded by a cast bronze statue of a Chinook chieftain. Slabs of Columbia River basalt boulders, split and then hand-fitted together, form the lobby fireplace that rises in salute to a history that spans the millennia.